Funky Chunky Mic

Funky Chunky Mic

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Funky Chunky Mic

Funky Chunky Mic

The Comedy Clubhouse. Carrer dels Canvis Nous, 10. Veure mapa

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Funky Chunky is a stand-up open mic for pros, newbies, and everyone in between to let their freak flags fly. Join your hosts, Hush Hush and Drink Drank Drunk's Luke Meginsky and Hannah Becker, for a night of wacky, weird, and off-color material!

Every Monday

Doors: 8:30pm

Show: 9pm

Free for members (book here or just show up!)

3 euros for non-members (book here)

-*- Want to become a member of the Comedy Clubhouse? Check out our Patreon to learn more and join! -*-

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Asociacio The Comedy Clubhouse

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