Relentless Joy Comedy Show

Relentless Joy Comedy Show

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Relentless Joy Comedy Show

Relentless Joy Comedy Show

The Comedy Clubhouse (Pub Limerick). Carrer de Bruc, 55, 08009. Barcelona. Veure mapa

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Relentless Joy is an open mic comedy show unlike any other. Normally, comedians try out new material at open mic nights and some jokes are funny and some are not. At Relentless Joy, I, Andy Casper, the host of the show, guarantee that every single joke will be perfect. The audience will be in a constant state of ecstasy from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. They will be laughing and smiling for every single second of the show without a single moment of imperfection. All the comedians will be perfect. The host will be perfect. This show will be a foretaste of what heaven is going to be like. If there is even a microsecond in which you do not feel pure elation, I offer you the following: anyone who does not experience relentless joy throughout the entirety of the show may mildly pinch me once on the arm at the end of the show (it will be called the ''punishment pinch'').

5 Euro Entry for an absolutely perfect experience. Guaranteed!

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Relentless Joy
hilarious show! I had awesome time )


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