Der Greif workshop at GETXOPHOTO: In between photographs

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The goal of the workshop is to create opportunities for every participant to develop a different view onto his own work and ideally onto photographic images in general. Der Greif wants to encourage the participants to collaborate and exchange in order to create new approaches to working with and thinking about photographic images.

The participants select single images that they want to work with from this archive. These single images are then edited and placed in newly created contexts. Coherent, new combinations from various different origin-contexts evolve from this process. These combinations build the basis for new works that don’t necessarily show a classical narrative structure. At the end, resulting works and experiments are presented. The form of presentation is up to the participants and will be developped throughout the lab.

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La sala carece de luz natural. El taller es interesante.

05/09/2018 08/08/2018
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San Nikolas
Getxo, Vizcaya

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GETXOPHOTO - Festival Internacional de Imagen. Del 5 al 30 de septiembre.