Agile Coach Camp Madrid (2nd Edition)

Agile Coach Camp Madrid (2nd Edition)

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Agile Coach Camp Madrid (2nd Edition)

Agile Coach Camp Madrid (2nd Edition)

Hacienda Los Robles. 27 Avenida de Madrid. Mapa ikusi

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The Agile Coach Camp Madrid 2019 consists of two and a half days of collaborative Open Space about Agility and beyond, in the heart of Madrid's mountains.

It's a not-for-profit, practitioner-run event.

We would love to see you there, sharing your knowledge and learning with others.

Thank you,

The ACCMAD facilitators.

---------- Q&A ----------

Whom is the event for?

Everyone interested in Agility, coming from everywhere in the world and every corner inside the companies. The more diverse, the better!

What do I need to bring for the event?

Your eagerness to share and learn, and your engagement.

What is the language used at the event?

English. Other languages are welcome during the sessions as long as all session attendees are able to participate.

What is the price?

Price per participant is 370€  (three hundred and seventy Euros). It is paid in full during registration.

How many people will attend?

The maximum number of participants is 45. To improve the experience, We would like to have 50% of attendees coming from Spain (Spanish residents) and 50% of attendees coming from elsewhere.

How will registration work?

First come first served. A waiting list will be available. Check the cancellation policy below.

How will cancellation work?

Please notify us if you cannot join, since participants in the waiting list need time to plan their trip.

Cancellation costs:

  • 0€ before the 28th of February, 2019.

  • 120€ between the 1st of March and the 26th of March, 2019.

  • 230€ between the 27th of March and the 10th of April, 2019.

  • 370€ April 11th 2019 onwards.

  • 370€ No show.

What if I want to bring my spouse / partner / kids?

You will need to get your individual ticket and mention it in the registration form, during checkout. You will then be contacted by the organisers to proceed with the additional payment to cover the spouse / partner / kids costs.

Partners are not expected to participate in the whole event, but they can certainly join a couple of sessions.

We will have a package deal for those who would like to join the event along with their partner/spouse and/or kids. Please contact the organisers through email or twitter DM to get prices.

Lunch and dinners of partners and kids are included in price.

What if I want to share a room?

You need to get a ticket for you and nominate in the registration form who is your roommate.

You, or your roommate, have to get their own ticket and nominate you as room mate.

Any more questions?

Email us at

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Iritzia balioztatuta2019/04/25 egunean joan zen
Great job!
It was great to meet all the people who were there. It was great networking, exchanging fresh ideas, motivating myself to go further in my daily job. Also, everybody there was just amazing. Looking f Gehiago irakurri rward to have such event again in the future!
Alexander Tzonkov
Iritzia balioztatuta2019/04/25 egunean joan zen
Un evento muy inspirador y enriquecedor
Un evento muy inspirador y enriquecedor



Agile Spain

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