MAR MENOR UNIVERSAL MUSIC FEST (August the 28th & 29th)

MAR MENOR UNIVERSAL MUSIC FEST (August the 28th & 29th)

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MAR MENOR UNIVERSAL MUSIC FEST (August the 28th & 29th)

MAR MENOR UNIVERSAL MUSIC FEST (August the 28th & 29th)

Auditorio Parque Almansa . Plaza Almansa, 0, 30730. Ver mapa



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The  “MAR MENOR UNIVERSAL MUSIC FEST”,or shortly “M.M.U.M.F”, is the brand New Music Festival, directed and produced by Pasku Frutos & UNRISEN QUEEN, who wanted to honor their British and European crowd because their never-falling support year by year. 

“M.M.U.M.F” is born as the First Touristic Music Festival, drained mainly to tourists (resident or non-resident) from all over the World, spotlighting their Musical Culture Identity. 

There are quite a lot of people living here from all over the world, and many other who visit this area in the summertime. Sadly, they don’t have choices enough to enjoy at events thought exclusively for their Musical Culture, based on Big Open Air Concerts, and so, they use to program little gigs by themselves.
For the last 3 consecutive years, I’ve met at our gigs people from France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway... and of course British people who backed to me saying: 
GUYS... YOU SAVED OUR YEAR, or things so”.    
...Pasku Frutos

The Festival consists on 2 concerts in 2 consecutive days, and will take place at the Parque Almansa Auditorium in August, with the following program:

Friday the 28th Fauxie BOWIE 
Saturday the 29th UNRISEN QUEEN

This is the SUSCRIPTION TICKET for both days (a special price buying this one). 
The single day tickets are available too.

En este caso el promotor no ha especificado la política de acceso a menores, si tienes cualquier duda te animamos a que te pongas en contacto directamente con él.



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