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Temporal Club. Passeig De Joan De Borbó, 74, . Ver mapa

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Saturday May 7th, 2022

Temporal Club, 22:30 - 6:00H


Presale 15€ 


Limited capacity

Line up:

Makossa (IT):  Comes from the Tuscan valleys and takes what he calls an "International Cappuccino of Music". He has traveled the world in search of sounds and you can hear it. His productions began in 2015 and "induce the listener into an almost meditative state. A cornucopia of tropical and oriental sounds, his music wishes an ancestral message for a slow life ”

In the productions he reinterprets anything with dreamy atmospheres, synthetic progressions and funk basses, but in the name of slowness. An elegant and refined style that blends everything in a single global setting: songs of imprisonment from the cotton fields, litanies of monks from some Asian plateau, desert blues or Latin pop are in tune with the shrill and acid voices of microscopic Filipino old women, on bases electronics poised between the Italian Cosmic tradition and Berlin electronics.

In the dj-sets he ranges even more while maintaining his characteristic aplomb: dub and fusion mix with introverted French chantants, afrobeat and Arabic poetry, with a calm coherence capable of sucking even small inserts of swing and upbeat polke from Eastern Europe, without being able to distinguish from the rising of the Cajuns and the Caribbean proto-ska.


Manucho: Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Manucho defines himself as a Storyteller. Chef by day and DJ by night, he combines the elements to take his audience on a sound journey full of emotions. A lover of improvisation and spontaneity, Manucho does not limit himself to just one style. When the time comes, he lets himself be carried away by his instincts and his feeling with the public.

Clarita: According to Clarita, music represents a journey of self-discovery. The encounter with new styles, instruments and melodies that resonate within her allows her to learn, grow and connect more deeply with herself and with her surroundings. Grateful to be able to take this journey, she hopes that her listeners can also go on their own journey and connect with what makes them happy.

Sonikgroove: Is a music producer and DJ based in Barcelona. His sound blends together organic elements of traditional Afro-Latin folklore with electronic music, creating timeless and exotic soundscapes. In his sets he breaks borders, taking the listener on an unpredictable journey around the world with his delicate way of linking cultures through music. He has performed in various venues, clubs, cultural centres and festivals around Europe and Latin America.

Palosanto: Is an explorer of world music sounds and its many electronic facets. Dj, producer, and founder of label Mamboz Records, In his sets he mixes traditional, roots and folk music from every corner of the globe with electronic beats. Genres like Cumbia, Tribal House, Tropical Bass, and Downtempo cross the dancefloor through the smoke and aroma of palo santo.

GoviiCardinnni (VJ): Is a multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. His video mapping projects complement the DJ by generating an audiovisual experience. As a source of inspiration he draws on sacred geometries, astral travel and symbiosis with exquisite organic forms. His particular worldview makes his style a spectacle of color and hypnotizing forms that transport the viewer to dreamlike landscapes.https://www.instagram.com/govii_cardinni/?hl=es

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