⤀ Ritmo Nativo ⬴ X Mutant Magic [MuMa]

⤀ Ritmo Nativo ⬴ X Mutant Magic [MuMa]

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⤀ Ritmo Nativo ⬴ X Mutant Magic [MuMa]

⤀ Ritmo Nativo ⬴ X Mutant Magic [MuMa]

Paralel 62. Avenida Paralel 62. Ver mapa

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⤀ Ritmo Nativo ⬴ 

Join us Saturday February 24th for this magical journey across downtempo, uptempo and organic sounds.

Club Paral·lel 62, 23:00 - 3:00H 

For our next music journey we have the pleasure to collaborate with Mutant Magic [MuMa], a new artist hub and label from Barcelona.

About Mutant Magic [MuMa]: Represents a philosophy. We believe that music's future is not anchored in distinct genres and forms but in their evolution. This perspective views music as dynamic, blending diverse sounds to produce something unique. Our label aims to support and create synergies between local and international likeminded artists, fostering creativity and connecting the familiar with new explorations.


Line Up:

MiRET: Born in northern Mexico and based in Barcelona, Mutant Magic [MuMa] co-founder Miret, has been busy producing, remixing, and playing dj and live shows all around the globe for years. Both in the studio and in the booth Miret hipnotizes with a genre bending alloy of global sounds and solid electronic rhythms, always mixed and crafted with elegance. Miret has created an own sound, a fine blend incorporating analog electronic sounds and non obvious instrumental and vocal samples, distilled from the cultural traditions from the countries he has visited and lived in. Miret’s hipnotic world and sound is always expanding towards unexpected latitudes and territories.


Sydney Seymour:  Downtempo and midtempo music producer, composer, DJ and co-founder of Mutant Magic [MuMa].  Born in the heart of Paris and based in Barcelona, Sydney Seymour's music is characterized by its depth, elegance, and ability to evoke deep emotions, often described as bringing the unconscious to the conscious. His approach to music is heavily influenced by his interest in the human mind and consciousness. Seymour believes in the power of music to influence emotions and mental states, a philosophy that resonates through his compositions.


Sonikgroove: Originally from Bogota and based in Barcelona, Sonikgroove is a music producer and DJ whose sound blends together organic elements of Afro-Latin folklore with electronic music, creating timeless and exotic soundscapes. In his sets, he breaks borders, taking the listener on an unpredictable journey around the world with his delicate way of linking cultures through music. Playing with a wide and colourful variety of genres, he spontaneously shapes the dance floor mood into a vibrant celebration. 


PaloSanto: Is an explorer of world music sounds and its many electronic facets. Dj, producer, and founder of label Mamboz Records, In his sets he mixes traditional, roots and folk music from every corner of the globe with electronic beats.


Govii Cardinni (VJ): Is a multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. His video mapping projects complement the DJ by generating an audiovisual experience. As a source of inspiration he draws on sacred geometries, astral travel and symbiosis with exquisite organic forms. His particular worldview makes his style a spectacle of color and hypnotizing forms that transport the viewer to dreamlike landscapes.


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Mamboz Records

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