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An apparently ordinary night in a pub in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The pub's landlord and landlady hide their hurt behind masks of hospitality and hostility. Their customers are a motley bunch - flirtatious, damaged, grieving, strange, affectionate: a collage of fascinating characters.

Jim Cartwright’s ‘Two’ combines hilarious comic scenes with ones of visceral tragedy, and his dialogue is rich with poetry and truth. English Theatre Madrid have updated the action to 2019, but the play’s themes of deep love, heartache and resilience are timeless.

We are delighted to present our first site-specific production, and we hope that performing the play in an actual pub will add to the profound yet comedic realism of the writing. And you can even enjoy a pint with your play!

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Opinión verificadaAsistió el 28/04/2019
Excellent presentation.
My friends and I were surprised and delighted with the presentation. Kudos to the actors who maintained their cool and entertained us in spite of the normal football hoorahs in the background.
Nina Valdés
Opinión verificadaAsistió el 31/03/2019
Excellent performances. One could get into each of the stories despite the terrible noise level coming from upstairs.
It was a very original idea to perform a play in a pub but, honestly, not being a native speaker, the level of noise coming from upstairs prevented me from understanding all the dialogues. Next time Leer más t would be nice to think about some kind of noise isolation system to allow the audience to fully enjoy the performances. I'd especially like to congratulate the pub owner's performances, in particular the last scene and also the actors performing a scene of domestic abuse. They were so good that they made my two girlfriends and me get sick. Worse, one of my friends confessed that such a good performance had brought her back to her childhood and his abusive father. CONGRATULATIONS!
Olga Ramírez Molero
Opinión verificadaAsistió el 29/03/2019
great show and escenario!
Excellent job! Really enjoyed the show. Great cast. Even cooler that they performed it in a bar - definitely shows their creativity and uniqueness!
Opinión verificadaAsistió el 31/03/2019
Nothing special
No comment
Opinión verificadaAsistió el 28/03/2019
Muy original
Me gustó que la obra se hiciera en pub
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English Theatre Madrid

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