One Man, One Biscuit: A Stand Up Sketch Show

One Man, One Biscuit: A Stand Up Sketch Show

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One Man, One Biscuit: A Stand Up Sketch Show

One Man, One Biscuit: A Stand Up Sketch Show

The Comedy Clubhouse. Carrer dels Canvis Nous, 10. Ver mapa

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‘One Man, One Biscuit’ by Ewan May, is a unique blend of stand up and sketch comedy, tackling key issues such as relationships, the environment, and biscuits. 

Thursday, June 30

Doors: 10pm

Show: 10:30pm

Tickets: 5 euros


My name is Ewan May, I’ve written this, directed this, and I’ll be performing in this with some of my friends. If I had to describe the show in three words, those three words would be ‘really’ ‘really’ and ‘funny’. ‘What’s the show got to do with a biscuit?’ you’re probably wondering. Well the only way to find out is just to buy a fucking ticket you twat. I am without a doubt the most important artistic voice in this city since Gaudi. The only difference is I’ve actually finished making this show, but there’s a massive fuck off crane overlooking the Sagrada Familia. Get on with it Antonio. 

Have you ever seen a film before? Well this is like a film, but better because you’re actually in the film itself. Obviously you’re not one of the important characters, like me, the lead protagonist and antagonist, but you’re there. After you come to this show you’ll be able to tell your grandkids that you were the comedy equivalent of stormtrooper number 327. The ticket is only a fiver. In reality it should be about 5,000 euros due to the show’s quality, but above everything else I am a man of charity. Also I have so much money I literally don’t have any space to store that kind of money. Basically what I’m saying is that I am giving you a discount of 4995 euros. You’d be incredibly rude to throw that back in my face by not buying a ticket. 5 euros, what else would you spend that on? A book? Fucking nerd. Just come to the fucking show would you, before you start to annoy me. When you get on my bad side, I’ll warn you now, I can be a seriously nasty piece of work. I could fucking ruin your life.

INSTAGRAM: ewanmaybiscuit

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A lot of biscuits for one man
James Pettit


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