NUGO Week Conference dinner

NUGO Week Conference dinner

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NUGO Week Conference dinner

NUGO Week Conference dinner

CASA JOAN MIRET. CASA JOAN MIRET. Rambla Nova 36. Ver mapa

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◦ Vegetable chips

◦ Our liquid olive “Gilda” with blood orange, anchovy and “piparra”

◦ “Contesa “of white asparagus, truffle and duck ham

◦ Salmon sashimi with mango gelee, wasabi mayonnaise and red berries

◦ Sea bream maki with avocado, dried tomatoes and tempura pearls

◦ Seafood royal with prawn tartar and herring roe

◦ Crispy cylinder of beef tartar with pickles

◦ Delta oyster with salicornia and ponzu air

◦ Prawn ceviche from Tarragona with passion fruit and crispy corn

◦ “Minicuit” foie ravioli with caramelized mango on “coca of roasted peppers

salad and toasted maize

◦ Tomato, mozzarella, bacon and arugula pizza cone

◦ Inverted Roast Beef veal cannelloni with mushroom mel and Parmesan

◦ Potato foam with egg yolk sabayon, caramelized onion anbechad straw


◦ Shrimp and curry “samosa” with yogurt and mint sauce

◦ Black brioche with squid and pear “alli oli” sauce

◦ Crispy taco with “cochinita pibil” with guacamole

◦ Boletus risotto with Iberian pork and parmesan

◦ Sweet treats


Sumarroca Blanc de Blancs– D.O.Penedès


Bruberry - D.O. Montsant


Parxet Brut Reserva

Drinks bar and coffee service

Neste caso o promotor não especificou a política de aceso a menores, se tiveres alguma dúvida podes contactar diretamente com ele.

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Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 31/08/2022
excellent food!
The venue was really nice, the food was delicious! We had a walking dinner, with many small bites. It was plenty, super delicious and the staff was very nice.
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 31/08/2022
Great people, great place place!
The NuGO dinner was an opportunity to meet the people behind all this outstanding research going on across so many countries. The venue was beautiful, the food was delicious :)
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 31/08/2022
a bit flat...
All the small bites did not really add up to a meal for me. So a bit disappointing. I kept wondering when the real dinner would arrive.
Jan Stanstrup
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 31/08/2022
Great friends, environment and food.
Ana Maria Rodriguez Guerrero
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 31/08/2022
Very nice location with hidden terrace in the heart of the city. Delicious food and drinks. Very good staff. To recommend for events!
Annalisa Terranegra


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