The World´s Wife

The World´s Wife

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The World´s Wife

The World´s Wife

Teatro La Encina. Calle de Ercilla 15, . Veure mapa

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'The World’s Wife’ by Carol Ann Duffy is a vivid and witty collection of dramatic monologues that brings to life the voiceless women of history and myth. Mrs Midas, Frau Freud, Mrs Darwin and Medusa, amongst others, all tell their stories in poetically captivating ways.

English Theatre Madrid have taken Duffy’s monologues and linked them with text, song and movement, creating a powerfully feminist, funny and fascinating piece of theatre.  

Featuring an incredibly talented cast of actresses, there will be just two performances in an intimate theatre. So don’t miss out on this thought-provoking and innovative production!  

En aquest cas el promotor no ha especificat la política d'accés a menors, si tens qualsevol dubte, t'animem et posis en contacte directament amb ell.

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Opinió verificadaVa assistir el 14/09/2019
I found the play really engrossing. All the actresses performed beautifully, without exception! One of them even sang, and very well, too! Congratulations, girls!
Gema Sanz
Opinió verificadaVa assistir el 14/09/2019
Me pareció que la obra se representó magnificamente
Teresa Vargas
Opinió verificadaVa assistir el 14/09/2019
Una obra vibrante e interesante con excelente actuación.
Opinió verificadaVa assistir el 16/06/2019
The World's Wife
Top class acting. Very entertaining performances but too short!!! Check emergency exits in these small theatres please.Thanks
Claire Tedjini
Opinió verificadaVa assistir el 16/06/2019
a great evening out
the play is wonderfully entertaining with short monologues that account for the untold stories and points of view of the partners of celebrity men: Samson, Faust, Pilate, Herod, Darwin and others. It Llegir més is funny, intense and just the right length!
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English Theatre Madrid

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